What's New

New Option for Stored Credit Cards in Cayan

If you use Cayan for credit card processing you may now store credit card information for use in SouthWare via Cayan’s Vault feature. The Vault feature stores cardholder information on Cayan’s secure storage system. You may then reference a stored card in SouthWare when taking a customer payment or billing for prepaid services such as service contracts.

You have the option to store card information for:

  • All card transactions
  • Transactions where the card info is keyed in (not swiped)
  • Cards that you manually enter (such as for prepaid services)

In addition, you have the option to create Vault records from previous card payments made via Cayan. Your merchant account history can be used to create Vault records from these previous transactions.

New Pricing Improvements and Analysis

Several pricing-related features have just been released to give you more control over special pricing, easier maintenance of price scheme changes, analysis of pricing overrides, and easier access to customer price quotes.

  • New Pricing Review portal
    • Review price overrides used for open orders and invoices
    • Review, edit, and purging of price override records, including batch options
    • Review of pricing for a customer, including an interactive price list for easy access to current customer price
  • Option to rearrange hierarchy of override pricing
  • Batch maintenance options for override price records
  • Stored information about any price overrides used on line items

These new features are available as CMSS enhancements to the SouthWare Excellence Series.  Look for more details on these features in the CMSS Star report available by clicking on the red star in your SouthWare menu.