Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SouthWare’s CRM/TaskWise Business Management tools helps you build a smarter, more nimble company. It allows you to quickly manage and track business operations online and offline–from the front-office to the back-office. In support of your commitment to customer service and support, we deliver a powerful solution for increasing efficiency and profitability.

Customer Relationship Management Software

TaskWise is a unique innovation in business software that combines the vital functions of task management, relationship management, exception management, and information sharing into a single company-wide system that integrates with your financial data. It enables you team to work smarter and more efficiently with access to the information  needed to do your job with excellence.

Traditionally, task management, relationship management, exception management, and information sharing have not been integrated. CRM Software has tracked one set of numbers; CRM software has a different version of customer data; and different departments have tracked their own work schedules in their own ways; and in general, information is not easily shared company-wide.  The result is that managers are forced to hunt for exception conditions that need their attention.

TaskWise incorporates all the needed communication and alert functions you want to have at your disposal, breaking down the barriers between them to create an incredibly valuable system that connects and benefits all individuals, teams and departments.

When You Use TaskWise CRM:

  • Your customers and trading partners get better service and follow-up
  • Your management and staff can focus on task lists that show what needs to be done
  • Your business exceptions and follow-ups are identified, tracked, and resolved on-line
  • YYou don’t have to wonder if an e-mail message has already been resolved
  • You can manage your daily work through one convenient “dashboard” that provides access to all the programs in SouthWare
  • You can train new users much faster – they only need to know how to work from a single screen
  • As you automate task and exception management your system continually grows smarter and your job becomes easier