Payment, Shipping, and Document Interface Software

Whether your sales force needs to process service orders in the field or you need to customize your credit card interface to match the requirements of your card processor or bank, SouthWare provides Interface solutions that support your business goals. SouthWare’s Credit Card Interface, Shipping Interface, and Electronic document trading, help you save time, simplify work, and integrate with your software to minimize paperwork, securely exchange information, and streamline business operations.

Debit, Gift, and Credit Card Processing Software

SouthWare offers customers a choice of two PCI/DSS compliant and cost-effective payment software via our partnership with Element Payment Services and Cayan.

Capture every sale with easy-to-use, reliable payment processing software that simplify card payment acceptance and dramatically reduce the risk associated with handling cardholder data. Both systems feature tokenization, point-to-point encryption and comprehensive Web-based reporting allowing customers to easily comply with PCI DSS requirement for your payment processing software.

Both Element Payment Services and Cayan have their own strengths. Clients should work with their SouthWare Reseller to select the option that meets their current needs and those needs in the foreseeable future.

Key Benefits:

  • Process Payments Using the Fully Integrated Payment Module in SouthWare
  • Eliminating the Need for Standalone POS Terminals Or Costly and Unsecure Third Party Software
  • Security and Compliance with Industry Standards such as PCI DSS
  • Access to 24×7 Customer Support at No Additional Cost
  • Get the Most Valuable Payment Processing with Highly Competitive Processing Rates and Fees.

Shipping Software Interface

Shipping your orders is a vital link in your operation. You need to get the orders on their way to the right location with a minimum of hassle and paperwork. You need to calculate the right shipping charges, produce shipping labels and tags, report the shipments to the shipper, and keep a history of the shipment for later review. Save time, simplify your shipping paperwork, and integrate your specialized shipping software into your SouthWare Shipping Interface.

With SouthWare’s Shipping Software you may interface order-related information to and from a third-party shipping software package for a seamless order fulfillment system. You get the powerful features and options of a specialized shipping system, and you get the benefits of this shipping information in your order processing.

  • Pass order shipping address information from SouthWare to your specialized shipping software
  • Pass the shipping method to the shipping software
  • Quickly access the third-party shipping software from your SouthWare system to enter the boxes to be shipped for any order
  • Use your shipping software to process the shipments
  • Receive back box information from the shipping software
  • Know the correct shipping charges for each order as computed in the shipping software
  • Optionally charge your customers for the actual shipping charges or a multiplier of the actual shipping charges
  • Inquire into box history information for an order


EDI Software /SouthWare DocTransfer

The use of electronic document trading is on the increase. Document transfers may be a recent requirement of your larger trading partners, or you may want to offer the option as a cost-saving measure. Your trading partners might have different document requirements and may even dictate your choice of EDI or other communications software. How can you meet your electronic document needs without excess cost or complexity?

SouthWare’s DocTransfer™ serves as the interface between your SouthWare® system and document “flat” files, a common transfer file format for exchanging documents. With DocTransfer’s features you may easily create and import document transfer files so that you can electronically exchange selected documents with your trading partners.

Directly exchange documents with customers and vendors who also use the SouthWare Excellence Series™. This allows you to avoid the expense of extra software on SouthWare-to-SouthWare type exchanges. Interface your SouthWare documents with EDI software so that you can exchange EDI documents with customers and vendors. Any EDI Software with a good mapping utility can map to the standard SouthWare flat files.

  • Output vendor purchase orders and customer invoices to electronic transfer files.
  • Import vendor invoices and customer orders from electronic transfer files.
  • Transfer other documents that can be processed with the DocTransfer Type features