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The people at SouthWare share a strong commitment to personal attention and adding value in every facet of business. Whether ensuring you don’t get caught in the proverbial labyrinth of voice mailboxes or calling attention to an unexpected challenge, meeting your needs is always our top priority.

SouthWare® combines traditional ERP functions with innovative products and services to make work easier for organizations of all sizes in many industries. Our family of integrated financial, service, and management information software is tailored for each client to meet specific business needs.

Listening to feedback from our customers and resellers, and relying on the expertise of our talented developers, we have built a deep base of business software solutions. It’s this long-term dedication to continued improvement that makes our products and services so efficient and effective.

And because our employees are like family (more than 80% of our staff has been with SouthWare for over 12 years), we work hard to create a good work-life blend while ensuring our talented people achieve professional success.


Our desire to create the most complete business technology platform started over 30 years ago. Since that time, more than 7,000 businesses have adopted SouthWare to grow their business.


Today, SouthWare continues to provide systems that integrate all business-related processes, and eliminate the need for multiple software platforms and third-party applications — from sales to operations, finance to support, and service to management. SouthWare offers a connected solution for everyone.


Unlike most business software platforms that have a limited lifespan within an organization, our users tend to stay with SouthWare for decades. SouthWare is unique in its ability to grow with your business. From small businesses with just a handful of users in a single office to large enterprises with hundreds of users on multiple continents. SouthWare’s design is expandable and flexible.


We recognize that your industry has unique requirements, and that goes beyond just implementing a system tailored to meet those needs. SouthWare offers a unique support structure comprised of support groups and partners that specialize in supporting your industry. They speak your language, know your people, and understand the technology challenges that you face every day.

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